Best Fishing Spots on the Central Coast

The New Year is firmly upon us yet again, which can only mean one thing – the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is finally over. Not that it isn’t nice to see all those friends, family members and other loved ones again… it’s just that oftentimes things can be so hectic that a little rest and relaxation is certainly in order. Those of you anxious to fire up the boat and head out on the open water will undoubtedly appreciate this list of the best fishing spots on the Central Coast that are more than worth exploring.

Tuggerah Lake

Even if you’re not exactly what you would call a fishing enthusiast, Tuggerah Lake (located just to the north of the equally majestic Avoca Beach) is still one of those boating hot spots that you should make an effort to see at least once in your life. It’s the home of many different types of fish, from Flathead, Bream and Mullet. It also lacks any type of substantial tidal movement, so it’s the perfect place for a little peace and quiet after the holidays in general.

The Entrance

The Entrance has long been considered to be one of the very best fishing areas on the Central Coast by master fishermen. It’s the home to nearly every type of species that you can think of, from Blackfish to Bream to Flathead and beyond. If you take a trip during the period from November to March, you’re even likely to spot huge amounts of Whiting just going about their business in the shallow waters.

The Rip Bridge

The Rip Bridge and all the surrounding areas like Daley’s Point and Mosquito Bay also represent excellent fishing opportunities, but a word of warning: it can be a bit on the challenging side because of the strength of the tides all throughout this area. These can be the perfect places to catch all of the Bream Jewfish, Tailor and Whiting that you could possibly want, but make sure that you do so only after taking all of the proper precautions.

Remember, though, that inspectors will be out in force in all of these areas – even though the holidays themselves have mostly come and gone. Make sure you have not only your boat licence but also all of your necessary equipment like life jackets to help avoid putting a damper on an otherwise lovely afternoon.

The Importance of Training

A day out on the water with your fishing gear can be a great way to unwind – provided that you’re able to do so as safely as possible, that is. Whether you’re interested in getting (or renewing) your boat licence in Sydney or Victoria or just want to take a maritime training course to refresh yourself about all of the latest rules, regulations and best practices, let Maritime & Safety Training be your guide to the most successful boating trip possible.

To learn more information about all of our available training courses, or to dive deeper (no pun intended) into the best fishing spots on the Central Coast and beyond, don’t delay – contact Maritime & Safety Training today.

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