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Maritime & Safety Training NSW (MAST) has been providing first-class education and training services in the Australian Maritime, Fishing and Seafood Industrial for over 40 years.

The oldest and most established registered training organisation

We were first established in 1981 by the New South Wales seafood industry as the ‘Fishing Industry Training Board of NSW, and later became New South Wales Fishing Industry Training Committee (NSW FITC) trading as Maritime & Safety Training  New South Wales (MAST NSW).

MAST NSW is the only industry owned and operated maritime, seafood and fishing industry Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in New South Wales. Our primary role is to provide education, training, advisory and support services in all maritime and fisheries related development and training areas within our jurisdiction.

Providing High-Quality and Industry-Relevant Maritime and Seafood Training Programs

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality effective and relevant courses, offering the highest standard of innovative training, whilst creating and increasing the value of standards of our valued learners and their crew competence within our respective industries.

Because of our understanding of the sector established though our close working relationships with Industry and associated representative bodies, MAST NSW have become New South Wales preferred maritime and seafood industry training provider.

Offering a broad range of nationally accredited training programmes and short courses, MAST NSW is on a journey of continuously improving, developing, and customising its wide range of education programmes to meet industry specific needs. Our learners greatly benefit from our industry designed courses created within authentic and real learning environments with a tailored mix of hands-on practical learning and classroom education.

A Leading Not-for-Profit Registered Training Organisation

As a not-for-profit, our primary objective is to continue to provide a dedicated state of the art Centre of Excellence to educate the Maritime and Seafood industries. We are regarded as a leader Australia-wide for our quality of training, innovation, expanse range of assets including the latest in simulation technology and Virtual Reality.

Your Trusted Partner for Nationally Recognised Maritime Training and NSW Licensing

NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee (trading as Maritime & Safety Training NSW), ABN: 64 002 693 281 RTO ID: 90440 is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO registration number 90440) regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver nationally recognised training in every state and territory of Australia. We are also approved by Transport for New South Wales to provide practical boat training and/or knowledge testing for the NSW General Boat and PWC licence.

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