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Browse our comprehensive range of courses, meticulously structured to provide in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and industry compliance. With over 20 years of experience, Maritime & Safety Training NSW is proud to be your trusted source for all of the knowledge, experience and certification training that you need to further your career.

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Maritime Courses:

Elements of Shipboard Safety

An in-depth overview of safety protocols, risk assessment, and emergency strategies, aligned with international maritime safety standards.

General Purpose Hand Near Coastal

Imparts knowledge on deck duties and safety in near coastal operations. Prepares participants to fulfil diverse on-board roles.

Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal

Focuses on vessel operations and navigation in near coastal waters. Emphasises regulatory compliance and maritime safety.

Master up to 24 Metres Near Coastal

Rigorous training on navigation and leadership for vessels up to 24 metres near coastal waters. Ensures operational compliance and safety.

Master up to 45 Metres Near Coastal

Comprehensive instruction in advanced navigation techniques and leadership skills tailored for vessels up to 45 meters in length.

Seafood & Aquaculture Courses:

SFI20119 Certificate II in Aquaculture
SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture
Seafood harvest
SFI20319 Certificate II in Seafood Post Harvest Operations
SFI30319 Certificate III in Seafood Post Harvest Operations
SFI40219 Certificate IV in Seafood Post Harvest Operations

*NEW* Tugboat Courses:

Azimuth Stern Drive (Tugs)

Other Courses:

First Aid Training

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