Set sail towards a safer maritime future with our NSW maritime safety training courses

Embark on a maritime journey with our safety training courses in NSW. Our Elements of Shipboard Safety course is essential for aspiring commercial vessel workers. The General Purpose Hand course provides fundamental seamanship skills for deckhands entering a maritime career. Advance to commanding vessels up to 12 meters with our Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal course, or explore larger vessels with our Master courses up to 24 and 45 meters for a well-rounded mastery of maritime operations.

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Elements of Shipboard Safety

An in-depth overview of safety protocols, risk assessment, and emergency strategies, aligned with international maritime safety standards.

General Purpose Hand Near Coastal

Imparts knowledge on deck duties and safety in near coastal operations. Prepares participants to fulfil diverse on-board roles.

Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal

Focuses on vessel operations and navigation in near coastal waters. Emphasises regulatory compliance and maritime safety.

Master up to 24 Metres Near Coastal

Rigorous training on navigation and leadership for vessels up to 24 metres near coastal waters. Ensures operational compliance and safety.

Master up to 45 Metres Near Coastal

Comprehensive instruction in advanced navigation techniques and leadership skills tailored for vessels up to 45 meters in length.

MAR30821 Certificate III in Maritime Operations

Ideal for those nearing AMSA sea time completion, this course merges theory and practice, equipping you for safe, efficient engine room management.

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