Jet Ski (PWC) Licence NSW

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You can obtain your Jet Ski (PWC) licence with a one-day training course from Maritime & Safety Training NSW. Courses are conducted in metropolitan and regional areas of NSW.

You are required to earn a general Boat Licence before qualifying for a Jet Ski (PWC) licence in accordance with Transport for NSW Maritime guidelines.

See below for information on how you can find an instructor near you.

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Course Details:

The course normally takes place at the end of a scheduled boat licence course or as a stand-alone course that lasts around one hour. 

Applicants who have already received their boat licence and are requiring their PWC licence are welcome to sit in on the boat licence course as a refresher when it is run in conjunction (free of charge). 

The Jet Ski course consists of a written assessment. Once the Jet Ski (PWC) course and exam have been finalised, you will need to complete a licence application form that we supply to you.  You then need to present the licence form and fee to a Government Service Centre in NSW.  There is no need for additional testing as you are now qualified for a Jet Ski (PWC) Licence.

Exam Details:

  • 15 multiple choice questions.
  • You must get at least 12 correct answers.
  • You may immediately resit the exam if it is failed initially.
  • A consequent failure will require you to take the test again at a future date without charge. If you would like additional training before the exam you may attend a training session for free.

General Boat and PWC Licence Course Costs:

Course Type Amount
General Boat seminar, practical plus PWC $405 (young adult $385)
General Boat seminar with PWC upgrade with no practical $260
PWC Upgrade Only (if you already hold a NSW Boat Licence) $140

$20 discount on all courses for persons under 16 years of age.

Is This Course Right For You?

Please see the following PDF to check this course is right for you and you meet the eligibility requirements:

View PDF Here

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Other Information:

Please note that the NSW FITC Complaints and Appeals policy is available in our Student Handbook. Page 20 refers to our complaints policy and page 37 contains our Complaints and Appeals form. Contacting NSW Roads and Maritime is another way of making a complaint.

NSW FITC will liaise with sensitivity to the needs of vulnerable Applicants, such as individuals who are not fluent in English or have an intellectual or physical disability.

NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee (trading as Maritime & Safety Training NSW), ABN: 64 002 693 281 RTO ID: 90440 is approved by NSW Maritime to provide practical boat training and/or knowledge testing for the NSW general boat driving licence and PWC driving licence.

This is a non-accredited course.

Locations & How to Enrol

To make a booking or enquire about a recreational boating course, simply call/email the contact person listed for each region.

Central Coast – Call Matthew Palmer on 0433 839 118 or email [email protected] –

Central Sydney – Call Martin Lloyd on 0416 273 132 or email [email protected]

Newcastle, Port Stephens NSW, New England, Mid-north Coast and Hunter Region

Western Sydney, NSW – Call Stuart on 02 4731 6250 or 0425 284 949 or email [email protected] –

*Fees may vary due to prerequisite qualifications. Contact us for more information on what fee structure you may be eligible for.