SFI30319 - Certificate III in Seafood Post Harvest Operations

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Gain essential skills in seafood processing and quality management with our focused Certificate III course.

Ideal for advancing in the seafood industry, this program equips you with the expertise needed for effective post-harvest operations.

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Course Content

This course is tailored for individuals aiming to specialise in the post-harvest operations of the seafood industry. It provides in-depth knowledge and skills to ensure participants can effectively manage, process, and distribute seafood products while maintaining quality and safety standards.

This course is ideal for individuals looking to advance their careers in the seafood industry, especially those aiming to specialise in post-harvest operations, as well as professionals seeking to update their knowledge in seafood processing and distribution.

This is an accredited course.

Introduction to Seafood Post Harvest: An overview of the significance of post-harvest operations in the seafood industry and its impact on product quality.
Handling and Storage: Techniques and best practices for handling various seafood products, ensuring freshness, and preventing spoilage.
Processing Techniques: Detailed insights into various seafood processing methods, including filleting, smoking, canning, and freezing
Quality Control: Methods for assessing seafood quality, understanding grading systems, and ensuring products meet industry standards.
Safety and Hygiene: Comprehensive training on maintaining hygienic conditions in processing facilities and ensuring food safety.
Packaging and Labeling: Basics of effective packaging techniques, understanding labeling requirements, and ensuring product information accuracy.
Distribution and Logistics: Best practices for storing and transporting seafood products to ensure they reach consumers in optimal condition.
Sustainability and Traceability: Introduction to sustainable post-harvest practices and the importance of traceability in the seafood supply chain.

Units of Competency

Work effectively in the seafood industry
Contribute to workplace health and safety processes
Apply basic seafood handling and safety practices
Shuck molluscs
Prepare, cook and retail seafood products
Process squid, cuttlefish and octopus
Retail seafood
Supervise storage of temperature controlled stock
Wholesale product
Evaluate a batch of seafood
Receive and distribute product
Operate refrigerated storerooms
Create a promotional display or stand
Monitor hygiene and sanitation requirements
Participate in HACCP team
Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs

Is This Course Right For You?

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Career Opportunities and Study Pathways

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who work as leading process or sales workers in the seafood processing, sales and distribution sectors of the seafood industry. In this role, these individuals have responsibilities in seafood preparation, packaging and storage. This may include retail and wholesale activities.

Study Pathways

Previous Studies
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Certificate II in Seafood Post Harvest Operations


Certificate III in Seafood Post Harvest Operations
Further Studies
Advance your skills to take your career to the next level:


Certificate IV in Seafood Post Harvest Operations


Certificate III in Seafood Post Harvest Operations
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Certificate III in Aquaculture


Certificate III in Seafood Post Harvest Operations

Common Career Opportunities

Seafood harvest
Seafood Processor

Work in seafood processing facilities, handling various tasks such as filleting, smoking, canning, and freezing seafood products.

Seafood Packaging Specialist

Handle the packaging of seafood products, ensuring they are appropriately packed to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage.

Distribution Coordinator

Manage the storage and transportation of seafood products, ensuring timely delivery and maintaining product quality during transit.

Seafood Sales Representative

Represent seafood processing companies, liaising with retailers, restaurants, and other buyers to promote and sell processed seafood products.

Seafood Hygiene and Safety Officer

Implement and monitor hygiene and safety protocols in seafood processing facilities, ensuring a safe environment for workers and products.

Training & Development Coordinator

Develop and implement training programs for staff, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for their roles.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

This level of qualification is currently cited as meeting some of the requirements for certification as a General Purpose Hand Near Coastal as defined by Marine Order 505 (Certificates of competency – National law) 2022.
Certification will require achievement of the MAR10220 Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal), 5 days qualifying sea service on a commercial vessel and an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) approved first aid certificate. People seeking certification should check with AMSA.

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