Jet Skis – The Ultimate Summer Fun

There really is nothing that says “summer fun” quite like a Jet Ski. Infinitely faster and more intimate than a traditional boat, Jet Skis are a bit like a motorcycle designed for the open seas. There are few types of watercraft that really allow you to get up close and personal with your environment like a Jet Ski does. In addition to being used for pleasure, Jet Skis are also inherently versatile, allowing them to be used in situations like sea-based rescues as well.

However, none of us would be able to enjoy the unique pleasure of a Jet Ski had it not been for an Australian motocross enthusiast named Clayton Jacobsen II, all the way back in the 1960s.

The Jet Ski: In the Beginning...

Though the basic concept of the Jet Ski has been around since the 1950s, it wasn’t until Clayton Jacobsen II came up with a thoroughly unique design that things really started to take off. Not only did he design a Jet Ski that would require riders to stand up while operating it, but he also was the first to make the shift from an outboard motor to a more compact and precise internal pump jet. It took Jacobsen until 1973 to find a buyer for his design, but he found it in Kawasaki. They released the watercraft, now officially called the “JET SKI” brand for the first time, in the early 1970s and things really started to take off from there. Modern Jet Skis allow the driver and passenger to sit down whilst riding, and style and power outputs have come a long way since those early stand-up designs. Regardless of the changes, Jet Ski ownership has surged in popularity with a range of models available to suit skills and budgets.

Obtaining your Personal Watercraft (PWC) Licence

If you want to have all of the fun and excitement on the high seas that you’ve always dreamed of with a Jet Ski to call your very own, you’ll first have to work to obtain your personal watercraft (PWC) licence. Once you have successfully completed a General Boat and PWC licence examination (like the kind offered by Maritime and Safety Training). No further testing will be required to obtain your PWC licence, provided that you have completed your logbook. Either to do this you can do three trips with a friend or colleague who has held a General Boat Licence for at least three years while completing all book-based activities, or you can do one trip aboard Maritime and Safety Training’s own training vessel.

As you can see, Jet Skis are one of the best, and most affordable, ways to get outdoors and enjoy the best that the open water has to offer. If you’d like to find out more information about obtaining your personal watercraft license with a Jet Ski course, or about any of the other training courses available, please don’t hesitate to contact Maritime and Safety Training today.

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