Best Fishing Friendly Apps

Can you believe that it’s only been around a decade since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone to the world, changing our daily lives for all time and for the better? But the impact of these powerful little devices hasn’t been limited to our professional lives – far from it. Sure, it’s great that we can now work on the go and stay in communication from virtually any location on Earth… but the impact of technology has made the way we play better than ever at the exact same time. Case in point: there are a number of incredible “fishing friendly” apps that pros and hobbyists alike are going to want to download right away!
Fishing Apps


So much of success in terms of fishing comes down to weather conditions – Mother Nature can either be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the day. Thanks to Willyweather, you’ll no longer have to wonder which side of the fence you come down on – you’ll know with accurate weather conditions available in real-time!


Any seasoned nautical veteran will tell you that your biggest asset on the open waters all comes down to a single word: data. With that in mind, Navionics is the perfect app to add to your smartphone arsenal because it allows you to see accurate sea depths and other essential information – both while you’re at home and while you’re out on the water!


Catchability is an app designed to bring the fishing community in and around Australia together, allowing people to share fish identification, weather and tide information and so much more. You can even participate in the “Catch of the Week” competition and post on the brag board for bragging rights!

Movtan Fishing

If you’ve ever wondered how you could turn your favourite activity into a social network all of its own, look no further than Movtan Fishing. This app not only allows you to save your favourite fishing locations and plan future trips with an innovative calendar feature, but it also lets you share your hotspots with the community to find terrific spots that may have gone unnoticed.

My Fishing Mate Australia

In addition to timely and accurate species identification information, My Fishing Mate Australia also gives you instant access to size and bag limits, rules and regulation data for Australia and so much more. Note that unlike the other apps on this list, My Fishing Mate Australia is only available for Android smartphones.

Boating Safety

After you load one (or even all) of the aforementioned apps on your smartphone, you’ll want to take a minute to brush up on your skills to make sure your afternoon of fun on the open water is as safe as it can possibly be. Whether you’re interested in learning more advanced boating skills or just need to renew your boat licence in NSW or VIC, taking a maritime training course from Maritime and Safety Training will always be a good idea. To find out more information about our list of available courses, or to get answers to other important questions you may have, don’t delay – contact us today.

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