Best Boating Locations in Victoria

Summer may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out on the water and do some exploring. With most of summer’s high temperatures behind us, autumn is a perfect climate to launch the boat and visit some idyllic attractions only appreciated from the water. If your idea of fun and excitement includes a boat trip, you’re in luck: Victoria has a number of incredible boating locations that everyone would do well to see at least once during their lives.

Boating Locations in Melbourne

As Victoria’s largest city, it makes perfect sense that Melbourne should be one of the first stops on your itinerary. If you’re interested in a fun afternoon or evening of cruising, areas like Queenscliff, Portarlington, Geelong and Martha Cove will be right up your alley. If boating up the river is more your style, be sure to check out Maribyrnong and Werribee – both of which are accessible from Port Phillip.

The larger Melbourne area is also the perfect opportunity to head off to destinations like Docklands or the picturesque Herring Island. Depending on the time of year you go, you may even be able to participate in the annual spring racing carnival – something that people come from all over the world for the chance to see. Simply moor the boat and throw on your best suit! Regardless of the reason for your visit, Melbourne will show you a good time.

Lake Eildon

If you had to make a list of all the places around the world that were perfect for freshwater boating, Lake Eildon would undoubtedly be near the top. Located approximately 140km from Melbourne to the northeast, this is a vast inland waterway with over 500km of shoreline stretching from Bonnie Doon to Jamieson and back again. It is a Mecca for boaters, water-skiers, and anglers, and although it can be drought affected at times, for the most it is a fun boating location surrounded by rolling green hills.

Gippsland Lakes

Speaking of lakes, you’ll also want to see the Gippsland Lakes system for yourself – it one of the largest tidal waterways in the entire country, after all. These stunning lakes stretch from Sale to Lakes Entrance and include many stops like lakes in Wellington, Victoria and King along the way. It is also home to Ninety Mile Beach, one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world. A popular tourist destination where you can swim, fish, relax, or maybe catch a glimpse of a whale or two.

Lake Hume

Straddling the border between Victoria and New South Wales, Lake Hume is not only a mecca for local boaties, but also a must-visit destination for boat enthusiasts from across Melbourne. Located an easy 15 minute drive from the centre of either Wodonga or Albury, Lake Hume is a sight to behold with six times the water volume of Sydney Harbour! It is a perfect place to enjoy boating, water-skiing, yachting and swimming, with plenty of areas set aside for recreation and barbeques on the picturesque foreshore. Great fishing spots are available anywhere on the lake, with an abundance of Murray cod and redfin to hook. To enjoy a boating day on Lake Hume you must hold a current Victorian or NSW boating licence.

Lake Mulwala

Another fantastic aquatic paradise that bridges two states, Lake Mulwala is accessible from the Victorian side in the town of Yarrawonga, approximately 260km northeast of Melbourne on the Hume Freeway. Lake Mulwala is blessed with crystal waters and plenty of sunshine, making it a popular holiday destination and retirement centre. The lake is a boating and fishing mecca, with plenty of onshore entertainment to cater for all families with walking trails, golf, wineries, and an amusement park.

Maritime & Safety Training and Your Boat Licence

Regardless of where you choose to spend your time on the water, it’s always important to keep licensing and general safety in mind. The only way you won’t require a licence is if you’re hiring a boat (subject to regulations), but even in that situation you do need to be over the age of 16 and the boat you’re going to be using can’t go over 10 knots. Always remember that ANY person operating a boat in Victoria needs to be licenced – something we can absolutely help you out with at Maritime & Safety Training. Regardless of the maritime training course you’re interested in, you can find everything you need with us. We offer boat licence courses, PWC licences, along with a range of commercial maritime training courses from Coxswain licence to Marine Engine Driver.

If you’d like to find out more about the many different classes and licensing options that we have available, please don’t delay – contact Maritime & Safety Training today for more information.

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