Off-Shore Artificial Reefs Proving a Hit With Trailer Boat Fishermen

Over the last few years, a wide range of different artificial reefs has been constructed off the coast of New South Wales. Not only have they proven to be popular with local fisherman, but they’ve also been an overwhelming hit with their most important audience – the fish themselves. Recently, the Department of Primary Industries announced the construction of the largest artificial reef yet – a topic that is definitely worth exploring if you’re planning on hitting the open water and checking it out for yourself.

The New Project: What You Need to Know

In July of 2017, the Department of Primary Industries announced that the largest man-made offshore reef in NSW would be built at Port Hacking near Cronulla. Additionally, a number of new artificial reefs are currently in the planning stages across NSW – Merimbula is definitely on the schedule, with additional locations still to be confirmed.

At the current pace, two modules are being built each day and the reef structure will consist of 36 modules in total. Each module weighs about 25 tonnes and measures roughly five metres high by four metres wide. At the current rate, the project is expected to be finished by late July or early August.

Since 2011, the NSW government has constructed three artificial reefs in the area – one in Sydney, one in Shoalhaven and one in Port Macquarie. They’re ecologically friendly projects – not only are they non-polluting reefs, but they’re intended to last for up to 30 years and are even built to withstand the full force of a one-in-100 year storm.

The modules, which are deployed in a patch-like arrangement and are constructed entirely from concrete, are designed to be self-weighted. They require no additional anchoring once the project is complete.

The three reefs that have already been built have proven to be an overwhelming success, and not just with local fisherman. They’ve so far attracted more than 50 different species of fish, including ones like yellowtail kingfish and snapper.

These are important projects for the local economy, as recreational fishing helps to generate about 1800 full-time jobs on the South Coast alone. Additionally, the sector generates an impressive $395 million in economic output annually. The installation of these artificial reefs will only help those numbers climb even higher.

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