Kick-Start Your Maritime Career As A Deck Hand (General Purpose Hand)

If you’ve always dreamed of working on a commercial vessel, there may have been times in your life where it seemed like an unattainable goal that was always just out of reach. Maritime and Safety Training is here to prove, however, that this dream is one that you can have the chance to live day in and day out after you complete our General Purpose Hand safety and training courses.
Commercial Vessel For General Purpose Hand Licence

What is a General Purpose Hand?

General Purpose Hand is often referred to as a deck hand. It’s an entry-level rank that allows you to work on a wide range of different types of commercial vessels, from fishing vessels to tourist vessels to ferries and everything in between. A General Purpose Hand is an invaluable member of the full crew of the vessel. You report directly to the Master on duty to help make sure that the crew, the passengers, and the vessel itself are as safe and as secure as they can possibly be at all times.

What Training is Required?

Though General Purpose Hand is an entry-level position, that doesn’t mean that you can just apply for a position and are hired or accepted without any type of previous experience. More specifically, you will need to complete a safety and training course to prove your competency and obtain the certification necessary to unlock the career of your dreams.

Training typically involves a number of different factors, like going over the types of complicated nautical terminology that you will be required to use on a daily basis. You will also learn the ins and outs of vessel safety systems, allowing you to become intimately familiar with the type of equipment and systems that you will use to guarantee the safety of all who board your vessel on a daily basis.

At the end of a training course, you will then be issued a Certificate I in Maritime Operations. This (after completion of the AMSA application) allows you to accept positions on many different types of ships in many different parts of the country right away.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can kick-start your maritime career as a General Purpose Hand much sooner than you probably thought. Maritime and Safety Training has a number of courses that are happening soon that you can begin the process of signing up for today. One course is taking place in Woy Woy, for example, that will start on August 6, 2015 and will run for four days. Registration is $695.

Additional courses include one in Wollongong that starts on August 29, one at the Sydney Fish Market that starts on November 7, and one in Ballina that starts on December 12. All courses are $695 for registration and all run for four days. If you’ve ever been looking for an opportunity to shift into your ideal career and take to the high seas for a rewarding life of fun and excitement, you’ll never find a better one than that which Maritime and Safety Training is offering you right now.

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