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Even if you’ve grown up on boats your entire life, you still need to pursue the appropriate type of licence if you want to use those skills to further your own career. You can’t just “get” a job on a commercial vessel in Australia – you need to prove that you’re not only competent in the skills that it takes to safely operate in this type of environment on a daily basis, but also that you’re up-to-date on all of the latest rules and regulations. Furthering your education and pursuing your licence are great ways to do that. If you happen to receive your coxswain licence in Australia, for example, you open yourself up to an entire world of potential jobs that are just waiting to be taken advantage of.
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What Does Coxswain Licensing Involve?

In order to better understand the types of jobs that you can apply for with your coxswain licence, you must first understand a little bit more about what these courses entail. A general coxswain-licensing course typically involves a number of units of competency like advancing the types of skills that you would need to survive in the event of a vessel abandonment, basic servicing and maintenance skills, maintenance of the main propulsion unit, maintenance of all auxiliary systems and more. Firefighting procedures and other emergence situations are also covered extensively. The actual course itself gives you the power to operate a vessel that is up to 12 metres in length with a propulsion power at 500KW for an inboard engine (for Coxswain Grade 1) and propulsion power that is capped at 100KW for an inboard engine (for Coxswain Grade 2).

What Can You Do With a Coxswain Licence?

Once you have finished your coursework and have received the appropriate coxswain licence, the career and employment opportunities are practically limitless. You would have the ability to work with both commercial and private organisations for things like guided whale watching tours off the coast of Australia, for example. You would also have the opportunity to command a ferry or some other type of water-based public transportation option around the country. Getting your coxswain licence also gives you the ability to charter a boat of your own out for commercial purposes, like if you had a vessel that you wanted to use to give private, chartered fishing expeditions to customers, for example.

Regardless of the type of licence that you’re trying to obtain, Maritime and Safety Training is here to help. We offer a wide range of different maritime courses that are available for you to choose from depending on your needs, including popular options like boat and Jet Ski courses, elements of shipboard safety, marine engine drivermaster class 5, seafood industry training and more. If you’ve always wanted to have a career on the open waters filled with adventure and excitement on a daily basis, Maritime and Safety Training is here to help make sure that you have all of the tools necessary to accomplish exactly that.

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